Online Giving for Student Support

One of the most important ways you can support UF is directly through student support. this is particularly important for graduate students who have often exhausted the traditional support vehicles currently available to undergraduates.

Investment in graduate education is among the highest priorities of the University of Florida It's Performance That Counts campaign. New and augmented endowments to assist advanced degree candidates with their UF education's will strengthen the university's performance in an essential area of its mission, while supporting the Graduate Fellowship Initiative. The state of Florida is wholly committed to this initiative through state budget allocations and continued funding for the matching gift program.

Graduate study is an essential aspect of the University of Florida mission. Students in UF's graduate programs conduct invaluable university research, provide important instruction and teaching assistance, and contribute to the academic quality of the institution. Individuals who hold advanced degrees from UF also make a dramatic contribution to the economic health and vitality of our economy.

Graduate students are integral to the research enterprise that characterizes UF. They partner with UF faculty on research projects that run the gamut from classical scholarship to medicine and biology, engineering and astrophysics. They often share credit for major breakthroughs with UF faculty, and their own original research expands knowledge and understanding in their areas of study.

Graduate students contribute to the high quality of undergraduate education, as well. As lab instructors and teaching assistants, UF graduate students contribute contact hours and course expansions. In addition, growth in the UF graduate program will increase opportunities for undergraduates with advanced standing to participate directly in graduate courses and research projects.

A strong, high-quality graduate program also helps the university attract high-caliber faculty, who see opportunities to enhance their own teaching, scholarship and research at UF.