Online Giving for the Institute on Aging

The Institute on Aging serves as the major catalyst for developing interdisciplinary models and synergisms in the areas of research, education and health care across all Colleges and Departments at the University of Florida and its affiliates to improve the health, independence and quality of life of older adults.

To accomplish these goals, we work very closely with physicians and healthcare professionals at the University of Florida, and colleagues at other national and international institutions to research the current issues in aging.  Our research is focused on the prevention of disability, which includes interventions of physical exercise, diet modifications and new pharmaceutical drugs that can improve independence.

This multidisciplinary approach to address the issues of Aging is cost intensive as we strive to protect the academic time of physicians and other healthcare professionals to conduct research, educate junior faculty on the issues of aging, and implement novel interventions in the healthcare settings.

All gifts to the Institute on Aging are investments in good health and independence in living as we all age.