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Scholarships & Fellowships

Victor W. Carlisle Fellowship Fund


Dr. Victor W. Carlisle, Professor Emeritus of Soil and Water Sciences, established this fund to aid students in the advanced study of pedology, mineralogy and soils native to Florida.

Carlisle received his B.S. from UF in 1947 after a three-year interruption for military service in World War II. He began employment with the Soil and Water Science Department in 1948 as a soil surveyor. He later returned to the university classroom and received his M.S. in soil science in 1954. He completed his Ph.D. in soil genesis and classification in 1960.

Carlisle was the state soil survey leader and coordinator of the Soil Characterization Lab. For six consecutive years he was cited among the top 100 UF faculty in total grant funding. He served as president of the Soil and Water Conservation Society-Florida Chapter, the Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida and the Florida Association of Professional Soil Classifiers. Carlisle was named the Distinguished Soil Classifier by the Florida Association of Professional Soil Classifiers, and he received the Professional Achievement Award from the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

Carlisle was a member of ASA, SSSA, International Society of Soil Science, Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida, Florida Academy of Sciences, Florida Association of Environmental Soil Scientists, Florida Defenders of the Environment, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Gamma Sigma Delta and Sigma Xi. He passed away in 2006.


Students who meet one of the following conditions:

1. Those studying Pedology or Soil Mineralogy in the department.

2. Graduate students pursuing MS or Ph.D. degrees with a course of study leading to a thesis or dissertation that will emanate, in whole or in part, from scientific investigation of Florida soils.

Preference will be shown to students who have achieved academic excellence and exhibited leadership ability as indicated by their departmental service and extra-curricular activities such as participation in student club activities, soil judging and departmental social activities.

Recipients are selected by the Awards/Scholarship Committee of the Soil and Water Science Department on the basis of merit, and, to the extent possible, without consideration of any other awards or stipends which a potential recipient may have received.

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