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Manning J. Dauer Hall


Manning Julian Dauer founded the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida in 1950 and served as the department's first chair for 25 years. Dauer began teaching at UF in 1933 after receiving his undergraduate and graduate degrees from UF in 1930 and 1931 and his doctorate from the University of Illinois. During his 50-year career, Dauer taught more than 15,000 students, including former U.S. Senator Bob Graham. Dauer was a founder of the UF chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, an honorary organization in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He also served as the first chair of the University's Senate Steering Committee from 1964 to 1966. In 1972, he was awarded the distinguished service professor award and an honorary doctor of law degree in 1983.

Outside the University, Dauer's contributions helped to shape federal and state politics. He wrote numerous articles, chapters and books, sat on many state committees, and served as a political advisor to various legislators. Dauer was involved with several political milestones, including Florida's desegregation laws in the 1950s, the 1968 revision of Florida's constitution, and Florida's reapportionment laws, which created fairer representation of the state's voting districts.

Dauer provided leadership for organizations such as the American Political Science Association, the Southern Political Science Association and the Florida Political Science Association. After his retirement from UF in 1980, Dauer continued to conduct research, write and lecture. He passed away in 1987 at the age of 77.

Facility History

The Florida Union was renamed in 1975 in honor of Dr. Manning Dauer. Designed by architect Rudolph Weaver, it opened in 1936 as a multipurpose student center after enduring numerous delays due to financial problems during the Depression. The building's most distinctive feature, a stained glass window on the east fašade, was not installed until 1938.

In 1967, the former Florida Union was converted into the Arts and Sciences building and was home to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dauer Hall was renovated in 1998, and a West Wing addition became the Keene Faculty Center.

Dauer Hall is among the buildings constituting the University of Florida Campus Historic District, a historic area added to the National Register in 1989.

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Commemorative Plaque

Narrative as displayed on the commemorative plaque:

Manning Julian Dauer, Jr., a native of Wilmington, N.C., received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Florida and his doctorate from the University of Illinois. Dr. Dauer began teaching at the University of Florida in 1933 and taught many thousands of undergraduate and graduate students. He established the political science department and served as its chairman for 25 years. Dr. Dauer was the author of many scholarly books and articles. In 1971, he was named the University's first Distinguished Service Professor. He was the author of the legislative reapportionment plan that was adopted by Florida, and it became the model for several other states.

Dauer Hall was dedicated in 1936 as the Florida Union. It contained offices for student government, student organizations, and the honor court. After World War II the north wing was added. The O. Ruth McQuown Room, originally a chapel, is a memorial for a member of the political science faculty. The room's stained glass window, with its universalistic symbols, was installed in 1938. The original banquet hall, the scene of many social and academic gatherings, is named the Keene Faculty Center.

Dauer Hall is on the National Register of Historic Places. Click here to read more.