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Yon Hall


Colonel Everett M. Yon was an outstanding athlete at the University of Florida, excelling in both baseball and football. He served in World War I, earning the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Legion of Merit. He returned to UF in 1923 as the Offensive Line Coach for the football team under General Van Fleet. Yon was Director of Athletics from 1923 to 26, the first executive director of Gator Boosters and a founding member of the Gainesville Quarterback Club.

Facility History

Originally constructed in 1966 and located on the east side of the football stadium, Yon Hall was intended as a dormitory for male student athletes. The hall was part of the 1965 stadium expansion, and included a dining hall, athletics department offices and study lounges in addition to 112 rooms. Funded by the University Athletic Department, Yon Hall operated independently from the other campus residence halls. It was dedicated in 1967 in honor of Colonel Everett Marion Yon.

After a 1991 ruling by the NCAA abolishing all athletic residence halls by 1996, Yon Hall was renovated and turned into offices for the Student Health Care Center and the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering. The Springs Residential Complex was built in order to facilitate the housing of student athletes, who today reside in Sledd Hall, Tolbert Hall, the Keys Residential Complex and the Lakeside Residential Complex in addition to Springs.

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