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Robert C. Pittman Fellowship Endowment in the College of Engineering


Robert C. Pittman carved a life of superior accomplishments from a more than modest beginning of growing up in the Baptist Boys Home in Arcadia, Fla. During World War II he served as a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps, flying more than 250 missions in the Pacific. Attending UF after the war on the G.I. Bill, he completed his degree in three and a half years, graduating with a bachelor's in electrical engineering in 1950.

During his lifetime he was a member of technical teams developing long-range radar systems with Philco Corp. from 1950-52 and Bell Laboratories from 1952-55. He also coordinated field testing for research related to the Atlas Missile Program with Burroughs Corp. Research Laboratories from 1956-61. Working with International Telephone and Telegraph from 1961-80, he oversaw the world wide establishment of advanced communications systems. From 1975-80, he founded and operated Superior Cable Company which manufactured the first fiber-optic cables. He also founded the National Employee Stock Ownership Association.

Pittman created the graduate fellowship in 1991, saying in his forthright way, "I appreciate this university and its mission of excellence, but I am not supporting the university just for the university's sake. I am doing it for the students and for the ultimate benefit of our state and nation." UF honored him in 1994 with the Distinguished Alumnus Award for his personal and professional achievements.

The life of this remarkable man ended on Oct. 27, 1996 when he passed away at his home in Naples, Fla., after a long illness.


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