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Marshall M. Criser Hall


As only the second University of Florida alumnus to become president, Marshall M. Criser is known for his vast knowledge of the University, his support of higher education and his prominent role in the business community.

Criser earned his bachelor's degree in 1949 and a law degree in 1951, both from UF. He managed to pay for college by working as a cafeteria cashier and construction laborer, while still maintaining his involvement on campus. He served as President of Sigma Nu fraternity and led student political parties. After completing his law degree, Criser served in the U.S. Army and then practiced law in West Palm Beach, FL. In 1984, Criser left his successful legal practice to serve as President of UF from 1984 to 1989.

Before his term as President of University of Florida, Criser served on the Board of Governors and as President of the Florida Bar Association. He was appointed to the Florida Board of Regents by Governor Farris Bryant in 1965 and reappointed by Governor Ruben Askew in 1971. Criser also served as the founding chairman of UF's Board of Trustees. Later, at the request of Governor Jeb Bush, he resigned from the board to chair the Scripps Florida Funding Corporation. During Criser's tenure as president, the University of Florida was inducted into the Association of American Universities in 1985.

Facility History

Many important student services are housed in the Marshall Criser Student Services Center. Located on the first floor is the Office for Student Financial Affairs where students can learn about loans, grants, scholarships and financial aid. Students planning to work on campus can visit the Student Employment Office to obtain a student work permit. Also on the first floor is University Financial Services, where students pay tuition or take care of deferments, waivers and unpaid accounts.

The Office of Admissions is located on the second floor of Criser Hall. This office processes nearly 38,000 applications each year and contacts the nearly 10,000 students who are accepted in each class. The Registrar's Office, also in Criser Hall, provides information and assistance with class schedules and transcripts.

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