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Albert A. Murphree Hall


As the University of Florida's second president, Albert A. Murphree significantly contributed to the university's early development. Murphree came to UF from West Florida Seminary, which changed its name to Florida State College for Women and is known today as Florida State University. He graduated from the University of Nashville with a bachelor's degree in 1894 and spent many years teaching mathematics at various high schools and small colleges. Once Murphree arrived in 1909, he immediately set to work reorganizing the university into four areas of study: the College of Agriculture, the College of Law, the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering.

Murphree sought to mold the university into a cohesive whole and was an advocate of faculty participation in the areas of curriculum, student affairs, public relations and professional and civic organizations. According to historical accounts, Murphree was said to have known every student by first name. Murphree was known as a dedicated leader. He was involved in the Florida State Teacher's Association, the National Education Association and served as vice president for the National Association of State Universities and president of the Florida State Educational Association. In 1924, he was nominated to run for president of the United States by William Jennings Bryan, but he quickly declined the nomination.

Murphree passed away in office on December 20, 1927, but his legacy lives on at the University of Florida.

Facility History

Murphree Hall was built in 1939. During the Great Depression, architect Rudolph Weaver built the hall in the same collegiate gothic style as its neighboring dormitories. Murphree Hall is among the buildings constituting the University of Florida Campus Historic District, a historic area added to the National Register in 1989.

In 2005, major renovations to Murphree hall were completed. The engineering firm for the renovation was Moses and Associates, and the contractor was Charles Perry Construction, both of Gainesville. Renovations included the installation of new central air conditioning, plumbing, bathrooms and windows. Walls and ceilings were painted, and new furniture and window coverings were added.

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